As of March 2016, Google reports that over 50 million website users have been greeted with some form of warning that websites visited were either trying to steal information or install malicious software. In March 2015, that number was 17 million.

Besides the dangers of a data breach itself, there is also the risk of reputation and credibility loss to those who fall prey to an attack on their web site security. In addition, a hacker’s motivations are becoming not only financial however, but also political.

So overall, hackers can be hugely damaging to a business or institution, so unless web site security is a continuous effort, your organization could become the target of malicious attacks.

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* The report includes: Full SSL grade report, Full server headers report, Full threat report.

HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)
is a web security policy mechanism which helps to protect websites against protocol downgrade attacks and cookie hijacking.

Lightning fast network.
Each hypervisor has a fault tolerant and redundant 40Gbps network to ensure uptime and throughput. We provide a 99.99% uptime SLA around network.

Secure MYSQL.
The default installation of MySQL, and the potential vulnerability to buffer overflow attacks, makes the database an easy target for attacks.

Secure WordPress.
When configuring WordPress, each application, user should only be able to access the resources that are necessary for its legitimate purpose and nothing more.

Your website deserves a Secure Virtual Private Server
Secure VPS Server

Putting a website on the internet means exposing that website to hacking attempts, port scans, traffic sniffers and data miners.
If you’re lucky, you might get some legitimate traffic as well, but not if someone takes down or defaces your site first.

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