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Linux VPS Server Security Checklist

Secure your Linux VPS Server today with this 19 important points.

What ever you are on Ubuntu Server, Debian or CentOS these security tips will help your enterprise.

Since several years the internet security became more then a simple passion.
For these reason I provide // Secured Private Web Hosting + Private Cloud
CentOS 7, Apache, MariaDB (MYSQL), Let’ s Encrypt, UFW, FSTAB, SSH, SSL, Protecsu, SYSCTL, Bind9 DNS, ModSecurity, ModEvasive, Fail2ban, PSAD, CHKRootKit, NMAP, LogWatch, Apparmor, Tripwire, ClamAV, Maldet.

  1. Install and configure Firewall – ufw
  2. Secure shared memory – fstab
  3. SSH – Key based login, disable root login and change port
  4. Apache SSL – Disable SSL v3 support
  5. Protect su by limiting access only to admin group
  6. Harden network with sysctl settings
  7. Disable Open DNS Recursion and Remove Version Info – Bind9 DNS
  8. Prevent IP Spoofing
  9. Harden PHP for security
  10. Restrict Apache Information Leakage
  11. Install and configure Apache application firewall – ModSecurity
  12. Protect from DDOS (Denial of Service) attacks with ModEvasive
  13. Scan logs and ban suspicious hosts – DenyHosts and Fail2Ban
  14. Intrusion Detection – PSAD
  15. Check for RootKits – RKHunter and CHKRootKit
  16. Scan open Ports – Nmap
  17. Analyse system LOG files – LogWatch
  18. Apparmor – Application Armor
  19. Audit your system security – Tiger and Tripwire

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