Apple iPhone X Security Tips

iOS App’s & Security on iPhone X

I really enjoy my new “Apple iPhone X”, especially the new camera is becoming a lot better.
I’m also very surprised on how the new “Face ID” is working, it’s very efficient and useful.
But here in this post I would like to share which applications I use and how I can make my iPhone X more secure.
I’m pretty sure that several people will be quite surprised with some settings that I use.
– Let’s do it!

  • Don’t use iCloud for your backup, it’s a bit like giving your stuff to the gouvernement.
    Solution: make a backup on your own computer or use your own cloud with a product like: WD MyCloud.
  • Manage your notifications! Why display your email, special SMS…etc on your locked screen?
    Solution: Go in Settings/Notifications then “Show Previews” should be at Never.
  • Use a custom password of 10 characters.
  • Disable “Siri” in Face ID & Passcode.
  • Disable everything under the section “Allow access when locked” in Face ID & Passcode.
  • Activate “Erase Data” after 10 failed passcode attempts in Face ID & Passcode.
  • Disable allow “Siri” when locked in Siri & Search.
  • Take a look at the applications who use your location “All the time”.
  • In Privacy/Analytics, disable “Share iPhone & Watch Analytics” and also “Share iCloud Analytics”. Go in advertising after these two modifications and activate “Limit Ad Tracking”.
  • In Settings/Photos, disable “Siri & Search”, “My Photo Stream” and “iCloud Photo Sharing”.
  •  In Settings/Phone, you can add a “SIM PIN” but, be care full with this! I mean it.

Ok let’s talk a bit about some “iOS App’s”

  • I do strongly recommend “Telegram Messenger” or “Signal” for your communications.
  • Use “Brave Browser”.
  • Save and manage your password with “Bitwarden”
  • Email, I strongly recommend “Trustera Premium” email client. It’s 26.49$/yearly.
  • Use a VPN!

Bottom line, ask yourself why some big companies offer you free social media, free storage…etc.

– Outro jokes: Google has several positions to fill. No need to contact them or send your resume…They already have it!