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Cyber security

Secure Server Montreal - WordPress Hosting - Magento VPS

Secure Server Montreal

Get the best web hosting in the Province of Quebec for your WordPress website or for your Magento eCommerce solutions.
AWS servers are highly scalable, meaning that you can easily increase or decrease the resources (such as CPU, memory, and storage) allocated to your server as needed. This makes AWS servers an attractive option for businesses that need to accommodate fluctuations in traffic or resource demand.

AWS servers are also highly secure, with a range of security measures in place to protect against cyber threats. These measures include network firewalls, data encryption, and regular security updates.

Overall, AWS servers are a reliable and secure option for hosting a website or application. They offer flexibility, scalability, and security, making them a popular choice for businesses of all sizes.
Secure Server in Montreal - Amazon Web Services AWS Managed
Secure Server in Montreal - Amazon Web Services AWS Managed

C7g and C7gn instances deliver up to 25% better performance over Graviton2-based C6g and C6gn instances respectively. They are ideal for a large number of compute-intensive applications, such as HPC, video encoding, gaming, and CPU-based ML inference, that are built on Linux.

WordPress Hosting

Amazon AWS Secure Server
$ 14
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • MariaDB
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Managed Hosting

Magento Hosting

Amazon AWS Secure Server
$ 39
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • MariaDB
  • Content Delivery network (CDN)
  • Managed Hosting

– Edward Snowden

Encrypted Communications Android iPhone 3CX

Secure Phone System

Connecting customers & co-workers, built for remote working, secure, reliable, flexible.
– Can your employees work productively from anywhere using voice apps on their smartphones?
– Conduct remote business meetings via web conferencing without requiring apps?
– Service customer requests via website live chat?

Encrypted Call Communications

Secure RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) provides encryption, message authentication, integrity, and attack protection to the RTP data stream.

Secure Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing: App-free & easy!
No hassle video conferencing. Presentation & remote assistance tools. Smartphone apps to meet on-the-go & unlimited users.

Why choose 3CX over other Communication System Alternatives

With so many business phone systems on the market today, it’s no surprise that customers have a hard time figuring out which communication system would be best for their business. Of course, we believe that 3CX is the best thing out there, but choosing the right business communications system will be the most important decision you will ever make for your company. You want to ensure that your solution stays with you for the long haul without having to backtrack as your business starts to grow.
Encrypt Cloud Data Solutions

Nextcloud Encrypted Cloud Data

You should control your data.
We help you achieve that: a safe home for all your data. Secure, under your control and developed in an open, transparent and trustworthy way. Move now to a reliable GDPR-compliant cloud solution.

If your organization needs a guaranteed GDPR-compliant, efficient and easy to use online collaboration platform, we have a great offer for you. Together with Europe’s largest hosting provider we bring you a near-instant deployment of Nextcloud, providing secure document exchange and collaboration, audio/video chat, calendar, email and more.

Nextcloud is committed to provide technology that is a perfect fit for your organization: healthcare, education, media and advertising, lawyers and notaries, construction and manufacturing.

Tutanota Email Communications
Tutanota Email Communications
No unauthorized person can decrypt or read your data.

Encrypt Everything

Your data in Tutanota is always encrypted: emails, calendars, contacts, everything. Easily send a private email with the knowledge that the automatic email encryption protects your entire message from prying eyes.
Reminders are end-to-end encrypted so that you can relax.

Secure calendar app

Manage your ambitious schedule with the most secure calendar. Control your day, week and month encrypted in Tutanota. This way no one can spy on your personal events and business meetings.
It is your choice who you want to communicate with.

Privacy is freedom.

Privacy sets you free. Privacy enables you to have a secure space, free from judgment and discrimination. Privacy is the foundation for freedom of thought and freedom of speech.
Strict data protection laws and the GDPR.

Encrypted Mailbox Engineered in Germany

Tutanota is based in Hanover, Germany. All your encrypted emails are stored on our own servers in highly secured data centers in Germany, powered with renewable energy.
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